James Friedman

After high school I graduated from Northwestern University in 1966. During my senior year I learned that one of my friends from Decatur had moved to Chicago. We started dating and in 1967 I married Linda and we will celebrate our 54 th anniversity in April.

The day after our honeymoon I left Linda for 10 weeks of Air Force officer training school in San Antonio Texas. I did this to avoid being drafted in to the Army. The first two years we spent in Louisiana where the only productive we did was to give birth to my son Benjamin. The next year I was stationed in Korat Thailand where I flew 70 intelligence missions over Laos and Vietnam. I was in the back of the plane doing intelligence stuff. Linda and Ben were able to get to Korat and live in a hotel downtown. Korat had mostly mud and cows in the streets. But the hotel was ok with air conditioning and a pool and I was able to sleep with them about half the nights. Because of my flight schedule we were able to take a 3 hour cab ride down to Bangkok.

The last year in the Air Force I was stationed near Sacramento where I was to teach to new officers how to do what did in Korat. But there was no students so Linda and I had our second son Jason.
We moved to Ann Arbor Michigan to enter the U of M. School of Public Health. I had always wanted to do health policy and this was the place to be. We loved those 2 years and I actually studied and finished first in my class.
In the fall of 1973 I got my policy job in the US Public Health Service (NIH, CDC, FDA, and other stuff) working in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health who headed up the PHS. Over the years I worked my way up to be the highest career individual as Deputy in a policy office of 40. In between political appointees I was Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Policy.
Over two decades I had the good fortune to be involved in the development of policy in such issues as HIV, Infant Mortality, and many other critical health issues. I loved my job, my staff, and the opportunity to have some influence on the health of our nation.
During this time Linda and I raised two great sons who eventually became Vice Presidents in their respective fields. Ben as VP of Operations in a computer company, and Jason as VP for Sales and Fan Services for the Washington Redskins.
And Linda became the Founder and Owner of Custom Safaries–selected by Conde Nast as the best safari company in the US. For over a decade. She has offices in Bethesda, Chicago,Nairobi, and Rwonda. In addition over the years we and our sons,our grand kids and two couples from grad school travelled the world and loved every minute of it.
Most recently for the past 12 years I have been the Executive Director of the American Academy of HIV Medicine, a national organization of HIV practitioners. It has been an honor to work with such dedicated physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and pharmacists and a spectacular staff.
I now have retired and feel fulfilled that my life has been spent raising a great family and contributed to the health of our citizens
Jim Friedman

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