Charles Leonard

To all 1962 MHS classmates, greetings!

After graduating from MacArthur, I went on to attend Millikin, earning a BA in 1967, and then an MA from Wichita State University in 1972. During this time, I served with the US Army for 2 years in Berlin.

Since 1978 I have been living in the Dallas Texas area. I moved here to embark on what would become my life’s work, building pipe organs for churches. This has been an extremely interesting and rewarding career. One of life’s greatest satisfactions has been seeing and hearing the fruits of my labors, and hoping that these will give enjoyment to listeners for many years to come. All this has involved considerable travel: I have helped build and install organs all over the US. At one time the company I worked for had 12 employees. During the last years there were just me and one other person. We closed our workshop and both of us retired last spring.

While I’ve not gone down the marriage/family path, and have no close relatives remaining, I’m not lonely by any means. I count friends throughout the US and in England, as my “family”.

I have sung with the same church choir since 1993. I’ve traveled to 44 states and 27 countries. I try to remain active: I bike and walk every day, belong to a local biking club and a walking/hiking club, and attend a twice-weekly yoga class (presently via Zoom) to keep fit. Every summer since 2012, I’ve looked forward to climbing and hiking in the Colorado mountains with a group of friends from Dallas. Since 1985 I’ve owned my home in Garland Texas. I don’t have a TV, but I like tending the garden, taking online college courses and listening to educational podcasts, and visiting friends and neighbors.

I am happy to report that it’s been, on the whole, a very good life!

Best wishes to all,

Charles Leonard

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