Dave Hoyt

David Hoyt – 3/28/1944 – 3/14/2019 (from obituary)
Dave graduated from McArthur High School in 1962 and attended SIU in Carbondale. He returned home to Decatur to join his father in the homebuilding business. He was a carpenter by trade, eventually going into business for himself and becoming a well-known building contractor, building homes and multi-family homes in Decatur, Jupiter Florida, and Lake of the Ozarks for many years.
Later, his son, Jeff Hoyt, would become the third generation to become a home builder.
Dave married high school sweetheart Jeanette Ferguson in 1964, and they had 55 wonderful years of marriage.
They had one son, Jeff (Tonya) Hoyt and a daughter, Amy (Rob) Arthur, four grandchildren, and two great granddaughters.

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