(John) Stephen Kimmel

(John) Stephen Kimmel

Decatur MacArthur Class of 1962 Website Bio

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Greeting everyone. Thanks to Randy for all the hard work creating the class website. I’m embarrassed to admit I have not been in contact with anyone in the class for many years save for the occasional email from Randy and the one time I ran into Jim McFadden on an airplane coming back from Houston. Still the shy guy.

I was born in Columbus OH, grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh, and moved to Decatur just prior to the start of our junior year in the fall of 1960 when my dad took a chemical engineering job at Staley’s. So I didn’t really get to know more than a handful of classmates well. After graduation I went to the U of I along with several others from the class: Janice Bear, Dick Wilson, Pete Jacobsen, and the Johnson boys as I remember. I earned a B.S. in Chemistry and then and an M.B.A.

In 1967 I married Carol Marie Wiesbrock from Sycamore whom I met at the U of I my senior year. After graduation I went to work for Shell Chemical in NYC and then had brief stints with them in Emeryville, CA and Oakbrook IL, the last two years as a sales rep covering northern IL and eastern WI. I then took a management consulting job in Chicago for two years. In 1974 I joined AkzoNobel, an international specialty chemicals manufacturer with North American headquarters in Chicago. I worked there as an executive until retirement in 2001.

Carol (mostly) and I raised four children, twin daughters and two sons – briefly in Glendale Heights and Buffalo Grove IL – and eventually in Evanston where we have resided since 1975. After retirement we moved our permanent residence to Amelia Island FL on the far northeast coast of the state. We have been keeping a small place in Evanston to spend summers with our three surviving children and their eight grandchildren.

Life after retirement in FL allowed me to pursue my passions of tennis, golf, and the beach. The past several years I have been partially disabled, so I have switched to cycling, swimming, tournament duplicate bridge, and back to school taking the occasional history class at the Univ. of North Florida in nearby Jacksonville. Life is busy and good … well not exactly good  right now because of Covid … but just received our second vax shots, so looking up. I hope you are all safe and doing well.

Send all personal snapshots as jpegs to RnRDentist@aol.com. All bios to the same email. I will copy and paste them.

Need your personal snapshots from the 20th, 50th and 55th reunions!!