Judy Mirus

Judy Mirus – 1944 – 7/5/2018  (from Obiturary)

Judy died July 5, 2018 at home in Taos, NM after a long illness.

Judy was well known in the Minnesota dance community for her creative and effective organizational leadership. She was founding Executive Director of the Minnesota Dance Alliance (where she initiated commissioning, fellowship, and career assistance programs for choreographers, and established the organization as a national model for dance); Project Coordinator of the Dance Education Initiative of the Minnesota (Perpich) Center for Arts Education; and leader of the writing team for the widely used Dance Education Initiative Curriculum Guide.

Judy was a movement specialist for Minneapolis public schools, an arts management consultant, and a member of the FACS Committee, which developed the forerunner of the MN State Dance Standards. She also served as Artistic Director of Choreogram Dance Company, she was assistant to Margaret Dietz—Director of Dance Program within the Physical Education Department at the University of MN, and later a guest lecturer at the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance.


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