Richard “Corky” Thomas


I was born and grew up in Decatur, went to Garfield, Roosevelt, and MacArthur.

I was married in 1962 to my beautiful wife Charlene and we have one son Eric. I started in the Photo business and worked for Pfile’s photo service for 17 years, working my way up to Plant Mgr, in charge of the Black and White and Color lab. The company was eventually bought out by Fox Photo who I continued to work for, eventually transferring to Colorado. Fox was eventually bought out by Kodak. I then worked on site processing and became a lab technician at various retail stores in the western area, servicing one-hour machines for ten years. After retiring from Kodak I went to work for 1st Bank here in Colorado for another 7 years and finally retired completely.

When we moved here in 1984, we lived in a beautiful little mountain town of Evergreen. Eventually we moved to Arvada, a suburb of Denver. As we grow older things wear out; have had total knee replacement, other knee scoped, shoulder surgery, cataract surgery, carpel tunnel on both hands, on and on, but am in great shape now.

Charlene finally retired as a hair stylist in 2018 after 57 years, and we are enjoying life and living the dream in this beautiful state with lots to do and many bike trails to ride.

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